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The Defining Features Of A Volti Audio Speaker

High Sensitivity
High Output
Wide Dynamic Range
Seamless Integration of Components
Accurate Tone and Timbre
High Resolution
Robust, Durable Construction
Beautiful Veneers and Finishes
Great Value

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Volti Audio designs, builds, and sells high sensitivity horn speakers that have a musical impact that is rarely found in our industry.   High sensitivity and wide dynamic range provide the physical presence of live music, high resolution and integration bring out the fine details within the music, while the accuracy of tone and timbre make each instrument in a recording come to life in your listening room.  

        Honest Value

We realize our speakers are not low-priced - but they do represent exceptional value.  When you become a Volti customer, you confidently spend your hard-earned money for quality materials, and many hours of hard work by American workers, working in an American shop, crafting a beautiful product.  Volti speakers are more than a lifetime purchase, they are heirloom-quality products that will be passed down from generation to generation.

We ship our speakers anywhere in the world, and we offer great customer service, in a down-to-earth, friendly way.  You won't find "snooty" here.  Please visit us anytime, we'll show you around the place and you'll probably get a chance to see and hear some pretty cool stuff while you're here.

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In a hobby that is taken too seriously by too many, Volti Audio would like to remind you to   

"Stereophile Magazine, October 2013
Recommended Class-A Component"


Runner-Up for the Stereophile Magazine 2013
"Loudspeaker Of The Year"!

Volti Audio Vittora

"The Vittoras pretty much unzipped my ears and
stuffed awesome inside"
- Scot Hull

Click on the link below to go to the detailed Vittora webpage and learn all about this great speaker.


A Full Review Of The Vittora By Scot Hull, Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile

Click Here

Volti Audio Videos By AVShowrooms

Capital Audiofest 2013

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012

New Videos!

AXPONA 2014 Interview With Greg

AXPONA 2014 Show System

Vittora Review In Stereophile Magazine

The Vittora speaker system was recently reviewed by Art Dudley and published in the September, 2013 issue of Stereophile magazine.  The article can be viewed Here

Volti Audio Alura

These speakers proved their worth to Volti Audio during their premiere at AXPONA, where they played to a packed room all weekend.  And one lucky customer stepped up to the plate and took those beauties home.

Peter Breuninger of AVShowrooms sat down to listen to the Volti Audio Alura speakers at the show,
and here's what he said:

"Congratulations to Volti, I think they've got a real sonic blockbuster here!"

See the video here

Our Next Show
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, 2014


Come see and hear the beautiful Vittora speakers at The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado.   Volti Audio will once again be teaming up with Gary Dews of BorderPatrol Audio Electronics in a repeat performance of the "Best Of Show" system that we brought to The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in 2013.

These very special Rosewood Vittoras will be mated to some fantastic BorderPatrol gear.   We'll be using a BorderPatrol S10, with two separate Power Supply Units, delivering, 9wpc in single-ended configuration.  This amplifier provides all the midrange warmth and detail you expect from 300B's, but produces incredibly deep, tight, solid bass that you would not normally associate with 300B's.  BorderPatrol is also bringing along one of their very special Control Units, and DAC to round out the electronics.

Volti is also teaming up with Triode Wire Labs at this show, providing all of our cabling.  Triode Wire Labs cables are all meticulously hand-made here in the U.S.A., and they represent extremely good value in a durable, high quality product.  We will have the "Seven Plus", "Ten Plus", and "Twelve Plus" power cables on hand, as well as the "American Speaker Cables", and the newest addition to the TWL lineup, the "Spirit" Interconnects.

You can also see Volti Audio's newest product, our amplifier plinths and stands.  Not yet featured on our website, this new product is a great compliment to the speakers that we build.  Made with 2" thick Baltic Birch plywood and veneered and finished to match the quality level of our speaker cabinets, these stands and amplifier plinths are a great way to showcase your electronics in the most beautiful way.

ALSO!  Come Hear and See The Volti Audio Alura Speakers In Room 1022

That's right, we're teaming up with Tortuga Audio in room 1022 where we will showcase the Alura speakers with Tortuga Audio's wonderful new Passive Preamp

We'll have these beautiful Alura speakers, veneered in American Walnut, available for sale at the show at a special price, and as usual, with free shipping from the show.

We hope to see you at the show!

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013 is over, and once again, Volti Audio has received some very nice recognition from show-goers and the Audio Press.

Many thanks to BorderPatrol Audio for their sonic contributions.

Best Of Show!

Volti Audio and BorderPatrol Audio in Room 1102

Read about it HERE

Don't miss this write-up
Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat

Capital Audiofest, Rocky Mountain Audiofest, and AXPONA Chicago have been great shows for Volti Audio.  We made great strides to introduce and promote our business, and the feedback from industry professionals and audiophiles on the overall quality of our products has been amazing.  I've made a page that is a collection of quotes and page links to reviews of Volti Audio from the shows we have attended.

Volti Audio Show Coverage

I've also made a webpage that has reviews and other interesting articles about our speakers.

Volti Audio Reviews and Interesting Articles

Please take a few minutes and read what others have had to say about their experience listening to Volti Audio speakers.

Check out our 'Friends' page:
Friends Of Volti Audio

In July of 2012, Larry Borden of Dagogo interviewed Greg Roberts of Volti Audio and the written transcript of the interview is published on the Dagogo site.  You can read it

high efficiency horn speakers by Volti Audio

If you would like to hear what Volti speakers sound like prior to buying, you are invited to come to our shop in Benton, ME and see the operation and hear our speakers.   Fly into Portland and we'll pick you up.   You can even stay overnight at our shop if you'd like, or we'll make arrangements for a hotel room.

We also have a few customers who are willing to demo their own speakers for potential Volti customers.

Volti Audio - Hi-Efficiency Horn Speakers
Volti Audio builds high end audiphile grade high efficiency horn speakers with sound quality that is smooth and accurate as well as dynamic and powerful. These are hand crafted speakers built with Baltic Birch plywood, Baltic Birch bent laminations, and finished by Volti Audio with fine veneers and catalyzed lacquer.

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