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10/6/2012 - NL19

Welcome to number nineteen!  Busy as usual around here, but I found time to put this one together quickly before heading out to the show.   I've been working like crazy with my regular workload and also getting ready for the Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2012 coming up in a week or so.  Over 2000lbs of Volti stuff has been loaded into crates and is on the way to the show via truck freight.

RMAF is one of the best high-end audio shows in the world.  Held each year in beautiful Denver, Colorado; this year from October 12 - 14; over 300 vendors in 180 rooms showcase the world's finest hi-fi gear.  I feel fortunate to be among that group, and excited to show off what Volti has to offer.

Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2012

I hope you can make it to the show!

The Show

Volti Audio will have speakers in two rooms at RMAF2012.  In room 586, we'll showcase the Vittora speakers and Vittora subwoofer.  Unlike last year, I've got the room to myself, and I think having a system I'm familiar with will yield even better sound quality.

Source will simply be my EMM Labs CD/SACD player with the EMM Labs DAC/linestage preamp controlling everything.  Once again I'll be using a BorderPatrol S20 with 18 Class-A watts per channel from the parallel pair of single-ended 300B output valves.  The Vittora subwoofer will be powered by the Marchand MB42 amplifier.  Power cables and interconnects are provided by Mojo Audio.

New for this show, I have made several key improvements to the Vittora, including a new tweeter and a new filter section for the crossover.  Sound quality is markedly improved, especially in bass smoothness and in the extended high frequencies.

Room 590

Volti is teaming up again with Mojo Audio in another room where Mojo will be supplying the music server and cables that they manufacture and sell, and Volti will be providing the Veretta speakers.   BorderPatrol has also infiltrated that room, providing a BP preamplifier as well as a P20 amplifier with two 300B output triodes delivering 20W/channel in a push-pull configuration.  We think the extra punch of the P20 is going to compliment the Veretta quite well.

RMAF is so big that marketing to get people in your room is very important.  Many attendees miss rooms like Volti's because there just isn't enough time to hit them all, and the big name companies tend to get the most recognition.  Fortunately for me, Ben (from Mojo Audio) had already purchased two display areas in a prime location in the lobby, and he was willing to split the cost with me and let me use one.  We will be using passive displays set up in these spaces as a marketing tool to get people up to our rooms.   I don't want to give away too much of what I have planned for my space, but let's just say it involves life-size images, chains, and a fun message that is sure to get peoples attention!   The kind of over-the-top promotion that I love to employ.  Look for photos of it online during the show and of course I'll have pictures in the next newsletter.

My wife Laurie will be with me this year at RMAF, helping out with demos in the room and anything else that needs doing.  We're actually spending a few days relaxing in Vail prior to the show.  That will give me some time to unwind and get ready for the fast pace of the show.

My good buddy Gary Dews from BorderPatrol Audio will be there in room 582, and I'm sure he'll be putting together a great system as he always does.

Have I got a deal for you!

I hope to sell something at RMAF2012.  Last year we sold the Show Vittoras on Friday, which was really cool.  This year I'll be offering the Show Vittoras at a discounted price of $12,600 (regular price is $15,000) and also offering free shipping from RMAF to the buyer's home.  The Vittora subwoofer is offered at $2,200 (regular price is $2,400), and the same deal on shipping.  This set of Vittoras is finished in beautiful Figured Cherry veneer and cane cloth.  As as added bonus, they will be sold with fully upgraded components.  The discounts, upgrades, and free shipping represent the best price anyone will see from this day forward on a pair of Vittoras.

I have a similar deal going with the two pairs of Veretta speakers that I'm bringing to the show; a discounted price of only $6,999, which includes the Feastrex NF5 drivers and all the accessories, as well as free shipping to the buyer's home.

I accept all major credit cards right at the show!

Speaking of the Veretta, we now have a full review of them from a major reveiwer!

John Gatski of Everything Audio Network spent some time with the Verettas in his system and really grew to like them a lot.

John gave our little Veretta a STELLAR SOUND Rating!

Veretta Review

Northern Italy

My wife and I recently had the opportunity to visit a friend at his new home in Northern Italy.  It didn't take but a few seconds to answer YES to that proposition!

So we planned a trip that took us to Paris, France, Northern Italy, Switzerland, an airport in Germany, and Sardinia over an eleven day period.

Just one day in Paris, and we hired a guide for that day, which turned out to be a great decision.  She showed us all around the city and we really had a great time taking in what we could in one day.

The next morning be boarded a train from Paris to Milan Italy; a seven hour trip that took us South through France, through the French Alps, and on to Milan.  What a scenic trip; I had my nose glued to the window of the train most of the time.  So much so I forgot to take pictures!

Just one hour drive from Milan, we arrived at my friends new home on the shore of Lago Maggiorre, a very large lake in Northern Italy and stayed there for five days.  A beautiful home with scenic views, gorgeous landscaping, beautiful woodwork, and tall ceilings.  The big wood windows opened up to let the cool air in at night, and no screens necessary, I didn't see a single flying insect while I was there.  Walking outside in the morning, with espresso in hand, you felt as though you were walking into a postcard.

My friend brought us to many wonderful places around the area, every day a new adventure.   After five days of Lago Maggiore, he arranged for all of us to go to the Island of Sardinia for another five days, where we enjoyed the beautiful beaches, the warm Meditteranean Sea, the nice people, and the good food.  It was a very special trip for Laurie and I, as we got to enjoy Europe for the first time, and to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary all at the same time.

So you might be wondering why I'm including this bit about a personal vacation in my newsletter, and what the heck this has to do with audio.  Well I'll tell ya; my friend is quite the audiophile, and we managed to find time to listen to some music on a wonderful system that he cobbled together in just two days.  This system was put together with components that he brought in his luggage, and with locally purchased wood and hardware; including many large hammers!  Set up in the attic of his new home - Check this out.

Open baffle drivers, an 18" and a 12" on each side.  I think they were vintage drivers too.  Those were augmented by a Beyma ribbon tweeter and some intriguing filter components and wiring.  My friend has great style when it comes to his audio systems, and I'm always impressed by the level of detail, even if a bit cluttered or unfinished.  He made sure that I understood this was just a temporary setup for us to listen to while I was visiting.  It only took him two days, and he achieved such success with the overall presentation, and with minimal components.  I could tell he had fun putting it together.  Apparently slapped together - OH NO - this system had the right wiring, specific choices of filters for the drivers, weights to dampen components, and isolation feet placed just so.  The HUGE soundstage and precise imaging did not happen by chance.

I love seeing and hearing different stuff like this.  The ingenuity and thought that went into putting this together and how that translated into such a great sound is something I just love.   This system was put together by someone truly serious about the hobby, and had nothing to do with showing off, or spending money.

So I sat back, closed my eyes, and let Nora take me away.  I KNOW this recording well . . . but did I?  Wow, I didn't realize the instruments could have so much space between them.   The tonality of everything was sooooo well balanced it was just beautiful.  What an experience!

If you'd like to see a whole bunch of pictures from our trip to Paris and Italy, Click Here

Shop Work

We are actually quite busy in the shop these days.  I have three different people that come into the shop off and on to help me now, and sometimes there's three of us working at the same time.

Paul and Roy

We're building a big batch of V-Trac horns right now.

My helpers are hard workers.  You'll find Paul working at the shop on many nights.   I guess with five kids to feed, that's what you do!

Volti Audio makes our products in America, by workers who are passionate about what they are making.

Engulf Audio

I would like to take a moment to thank Robert Meeks of Engulf Audio ,who has taken the time to list Volti Audio products on his website.  No, he's not a dealer, nor have we worked out any kind of money arrangement.  He's doing this just because he wants to help us out, and I really appreciate it.

Look for the next newsletter a few weeks after RMAF.

Thank you for your support, and until next time, I hope it all sounds good!

Greg Roberts

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